Hi, Velos and friends,
We have had another record-setting season, with 156 riders riding 576 time trials with an average of 34 riders per evening; the best average attendance ever. We also set a record for the most riders in one evening: 63! The competitors included 25 young riders under the age of 19, and two hand-cyclists. The youngest rider was 8 and the most experienced was 78. There were only a few minor complaints from the public and none from the authorities - thanks to everyone for riding courteously. Unfortunately, we had three accidents due to rider error/inattention that required first aid attention, and subsequent medical treatment.
The 2013 time trial winners are from those riders who obtained at least three time trial results, although records can be established with a single ride. The 2013 winners and record setters for the 17.4 km course are:
Female Winners:
Pre-cadet (13-): Eve Taylor             34:57
Cadet (14-16):    Holly Simonson       28:17 (record)
Junior (17-18):    Brenna Pauly          26:56
Senior (19-29):    Anika Todd            23:30
Veteran (30-39):  Jennifer Erlendson   27:19
Master (45-49):   Katherine Weber     26:30 (record)
Master (50-54):    Nancy Carleton      26:59
Master (55-59):    Linda Saunders      30:12
Fastest Female:    Anika Todd            23:30
Female Records (< 3 rides):
Senior (19-29):    Gillian Carleton        23:05
Master (55-59)     Laura Leno             29:33
Male Winners:
Pre-Cadet(13-):    Tomas Kalyniuk        29:47
Cadet (14-16):     Joel Taylor              22:51 (record)
Junior (17-18):     Jay Lamoureux         24:47
Senior (19-29):    Craig Richey             21:48 (record)
Veteran (30-39):  Curtis Dearden          21:09 (record)
Master (40-44):    Emile De Rosnay       22:01 (record)
Master (40-44, Hand-cycle): Brad Hartley 36:59
Master (45-49):     Don Gillmore           22:47 (record)
Master (50-54):     Dan P. Smith           24:07 (record)
Master (55-59):     Michael Stoehr        24:26 (record)
Master (60-64):     Duane Martindale     25:56
Master (65-69):     Stephen Price          24:46 (record)
Master (70-74):     Norm Bennett          28:13
Master (75-79):     John C. Smith          29:40
Fastest Male:        Curtis Dearden         21:09 (record)
Most Improved Rider 2012 to 2013: Ian Gillmore (Pre-cadet 13-)  45:02 to 34:32 (and the youngest time trial rider ever!)
The winners will be recognized at the Sidney Velo Awards Banquet on Sunday, November 24, 2013 at the Glen Meadows Golf & Country Club at 1050 McTavish Road - more details to follow later. The banquet is free for the Pre-Cadet, Cadet, and Junior winners, and for the fastest female and male and her or his guest. We will contact the winners prior to the banquet to confirm attendance.
Congratulations to the winners and record-setters, and to all of the time trial participants for making this a successful season. Thanks also to the Victoria Cycling League for including three time trials in their 2013 race series, and helping us to set the record of 63 riders in one evening. A special thanks goes to the ~50 volunteers, who registered riders, timed, marshaled, held riders, collected numbers, swept debris, managed equipment, organized volunteer and bike shop attendance, provided first aid coverage, obtained approvals, posted results, and made the time trials possible - they wouldn't happen with out you! May the wind always be at your back.
On behalf of co-organizer Ian Birch and the Sidney Velo Executive,
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