Holding this time trial on public roads is a privilege. We must obtain approval each year from Central Saanich, Central Saanich Police, North Saanich, the RCMP and the Ministry of Transportation. We must abide by their rules or the privilege can be revoked at any time.


Riders must abide by the rules below or they will be barred from participating in the time trial:


riders are still being started as you pass first time. Once all riders are on the circuit and cones at start/finish are removed you must stay within bike lane at finish. We do not want riders

to have to enter traffic lane in order to pass another rider on Pat Bay Highway so keep as far right as is safely possible on Highway to allow faster riders to pass you and stay on shoulder




Riders violating these rules will be disqualified and have their time nullified for a first offence. A second offence will result in the rider being barred from the time trial for the rest of the season.


In addition: