Caleb Pike - May 12, 2010 photos overall
  A Group     B Group  
Place   Team Place   Team
1 Tom Malczynski Pro City Racing 1 Chad Gottfried VCA Aviawest
2 Curtis Dearden Garneau Evolution 2 Brad Smith  
3 Raph Lalumiere Russ Hay's 3 Henri De Boever VCA Aviawest
4 Marcel Aarden Total Restoration 4 Alex Hui Russ Hay's
5 Josh Erickson Tripleshot 5 Bryan Shipley Tripleshot
6 Simon Sterling Russ Hay's 6 Geordie Morrison VCA Aviawest
7 Brian Eberdt Schwalbe 7 Lister Farrar Tripleshot
8 Doug Doyle IRC 8 Chris Sundby KKT
9 James Cameron Pro City Racing 9 tie Adam de Vos Tripleshot
10 Steve Munro IRC 9 tie Steve Lund VCA Aviawest
Place   Team
1 Rhonda Callender IRC
2 Shailie Sanbrooks Russ Hay's
3 Shannon Baerg Russ Hay's
4 Jen Erlendson Tripleshot
5 Rita Wania Tripleshot
6 Nena Nason  
Note:  Many riders complained about other riders not following the yellow line rule/crossing the cones.
In the future, if two riders complain about the same rider, that rider will be DQ'd (inform John or Bruce at line).
It is important to hold your line in  a sprint - if you are a lapped rider, stay to the right and don't interfere